Short of Blogging Ideas?

  Are   you   Short   of   Blogging   Ideas?     Have you ever thought what you want to put on your website. Some of the things that people put up on a blog/web site are crafts, thoughts of a personal journal/journey they may be going through, DVD games instructional help (i am discovering […]

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Keep the Attraction Marketing Working!

How do you keep   Attraction Marketing   Working?   You want your businesses to do well on the internet.  You  want it to be appealing to others .  You want people to say yes, I can buy that affiliate business.  I want what you have. There are some of you who would have put […]

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Quit Your Day Job

Q u i t   Y o u r   D a y   J o b   You want to quit your Day Job! You want to have a lifestyle that will stop you from struggling week to week and pay chequeto pay cheque.   You feel like you are working 2 jobs.  You have […]

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Blogging, Babies and Business

Blogging, Babies and Business     Did you know you can blog about anything.  It could be about your  passion in life, about business, it could be about your family, it could be some value that people can learn off.     Pro Blog Academy could also help you learning how to blog.   Today […]

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A Dream Holiday

A   D r e A m H o L i Da y   Working and having a dream holiday as your reward would just be divine.   Soaking up the sun by a pool or on a beach, not even watching the time unless you are hungry or the kids are hungry.    You could  even […]

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10 ways of How to get Pictures for your Blog

 10 Ways of How to get   Pictures   for your Blog   Have you ever wondered about where people get there photo’s/pictures from for their blogs.  Some of them out there are very creative and awesome. You can get pictures in various different ways. First of all use your own photo’s and pictures. That […]

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